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Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy


Our team take the time to search for macro trends both locally and globally. Working alongside our trusted network we seek out best practice alternative opportunities.

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Due Diligence

We have a thorough approach to reviewing each investment, understanding both qualitative and quantitative aspects prior to Investment Committee sign off.

Our approach


Our return analysis is thorough. We take a long-term view with the aim of building sustainable Business spanning across generations.

We apply patience into a process to ensure we de-risk each unique opportunity raising wholesale capital as it is required.

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We own and manage a diverse portfolio of assets spanning real estate, leisure, travel, health, agriculture with an overarching social and environmental focus.

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The Future of Investing

We are a multidisciplinary, independent Fund Manager with a portfolio spanning real estate, private equity, listed equities and venture capital. We are thematic and strategic investors with an overarching social impact focus.

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