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Our Approach

Australian Worthy Pty Ltd is an integrated investment house focused on seeking and managing investment opportunities which engender long term growth of capital.

We seek investment opportunities in alternative and emerging asset classes where we can actively add value.

Australian Worthy Pty Ltd seeks to engage and co-invest with investors who share similar philosophies. Long term relationships are paramount to us and are built on solid communication and trust.

Our approach

The Future of Investing

We are a multidisciplinary investment manager with a portfolio spanning real estate, private equity listed equities, venture capital and social impact.

We believe a disciplined approach to the deployment of capital together with active management will offer superior risk adjusted returns. We search for trends and changes in consumer behaviours and position our investments to benefit from these trade winds.

Investment philosophy

The Future of Investing

We are a multidisciplinary, independent Fund Manager with a portfolio spanning real estate, private equity, listed equities and venture capital. We are thematic and strategic investors with an overarching social impact focus.

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